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Yolanda Norman M.S., M.Ed.

As a first-generation college student, Yolanda often questioned her journey for a college education and daily fought the negative thoughts telling her she didn't belong. After more than a decade of working in higher education and taking her experiences to the seventh largest school district in the nation leading college readiness efforts, Yolanda now spends her time inspiring young people to pursue a higher education and giving organizations the tools to create change across our country through student development.

Known in the digital world as "FirstGenCollege", Yolanda shares her story of being a first-generation college student-athlete and gives students an insight into "someone who made it out". When she created the University of St. Thomas First-Generation College Student Initiative to stop students from dropping out, the impact was overwhelming. A UST FirstGen student group was formed, her strategic vision was put in place, an official university definition was adopted, the university began to take notice, and first-generation college student voices were louder than they ever were before.

Taking her message to social media, Yolanda seeks to encourage, educate, and inspire ALL students to learn about the benefit of a higher education. Whether working with students individually on the college prep process or speaking at a university to focus on student success, Yolanda's passion, knowledge, and experience undoubtly shines through.

Yolanda holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, a Masters in Science, and a Masters in Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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