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Our founder, Dr. Norman, incorporates the art of storytelling and data-driven ideas into her organizational talks to inspire, educate, and excite the audience about the impact of catapulting college and career success. Book her today!

Let us work with you to catapult your college and career leadership success to the next level.

Being a leader isn't just about the title. We work collaboratively with our clients to access their needs, build upon research-based leadership principles, and develop strategies focused on amplifying their impact and results. Are you ready for us to help you lead?

College student success includes important factors such as identity development, managing academic expectations, and meaning making. Specializing in  the development of first-generation college students & other underrepresented groups, we make sure our clients have the tools necessary to understand how to reach college success. 

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Career development isn't just about putting together a resume. We work with our clients to evaluate strengths, identify professional areas of growth, and create intentional actions to evolve as a professional in all industries.

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